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Distracted Driving

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July 27, 2021

With smartphones, the GPS, advanced car features, and everyday distractions, distracted driving has been on the rise. According to the CDC, approximately 8 people in the United States are killed in distracted driving crashes every day.

The CDC lays out three types of distracted driving:

Visual: taking your eyes off the road, such as when texting, calling, or reading

Manual: taking your hands off the road, like while eating or applying makeup

Cognitive: taking your mind off the road, such as when a person becomes distracted by things alongside the road and other drivers

The most at-risk individuals for distracted driving accidents are those aged 15-19. In 2019, a study was administered by the Youth Risk Behavior Surveillance System that monitors health risk behavior, specifically among high school students. In that study, 29% of high school students admitted to texting or emailing while driving within the past 30 days of the administered survey. These students who admitted to texting or emailing while driving also had a higher chance of performing other high-risk behavior while driving, like not wearing a seat belt and driving after consuming alcohol.

It is crucial as a parent for you educated your teenager about the responsibility that comes with driving a car and the dangers that texting or emailing while driving can impose on themselves and others. You can educate your new driver by setting a good example yourself and creating consequences for your teenager if they do participate in distracted driving.

States themselves are imposing many rules and regulations to help prevent distracted driving. These rules include:

« Banning texting while driving and any use of a handheld cellphone. In New York, any use of a hand-held phone while driving is prohibited and violations can carry a fine of up to $150.

« Limiting the number of passengers for young drivers

A car accident may seem like a routine part of life, but a serious crash can devastate you and your family. If you or a loved one has been injured in New York during a distracted driving accident, you may be entitled to compensation for your medical bills, lost income, and suffering you’ve subsequently endured. Recovering from a car accident can be extremely distressing while negotiating low settlement offers from an insurance company, adjusting to injuries and navigating everyday expenses if you must take a leave from work. Pianko Law firm has helped hundreds of individuals recover millions in compensation.

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