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July 27, 2021

Imagine living in an apartment building or home and waking up to the smell of smoke and immediately becoming overwhelmed with panic. This terrifying situation occurs much more often than one would think. According to the National Fire Protection Association, the United States fire departments respond to an estimated 353,100 homes fires per year, which cause an annual average of 2,620 deaths and 11,030 injuries. The NFPA estimates that there is over $7.2 billion in property damage that results from these subsequent fires.

Most fires in the home are due to cooking, heating, electrical/lighting equipment, intentional fire setting, or smoking materials. There are numerous ways that you can help prevent a fire from occurring in your home and saving yourself and your loved ones from fire-related injuries and property damage.

  1. Education on fire and the risks it imposes

The most important preventative step to house fires is to educate everyone within your household on the risks and dangers associated with fire. This education should range in everything from teaching your children to never leave a turned-on stove unattended, to remembering to check your fire detectors every month and having an escape plan in place in case a fire does happen.

  1. Testing the smoke alarms

According to the United States Fire Administration, 3 out of every 5 home fire deaths are on properties that do not have working smoke alarms. The risk of dying in a house fire is immediately cut in half for homes that have working smoke alarms, which is why knowing when to change the batteries and frequently checking that they work is crucial. You should

« Check your smoke alarm every month

« Change the smoke alarm batteries at least every two years

« Replace your smoke alarm every 10 years from the date the smoke detector was manufactured


  1. Check your home appliances and wiring regularly

You should be checking on your home appliances and wiring to ensure that maintenance is up to date. Electrical wires can fray over time and be damaged by pets, or pests, heating, and air conditioning units should be checked to make sure they are clean and stoves are free of built-up grease and chimney inspections should be performed regularly.

  1. Don’t smoke indoors

Smoking indoors is a huge fire hazard and should never be done. When smoking, you should be 25 feet from the nearest door and always properly dispose of your cigarette butts.

  1. Be cautious with space heaters

Space heaters are frequently used throughout the United States but are also large fire hazards in the home. When using a portable space heater, the Federal Emergency Management Agency recommends keeping all combustible objects at least three feet away from portable heating devices. The FEMA also recommends only using heaters evaluated by a nationally recognized laboratory.

House fires are an enormous danger to everyone involved. Countless individuals are killed due to a landlord's neglect to supply working smoke alarms, keep buildings up to code and provide regular inspections. If you think your or your loved one has been injured or killed in a fire due to the negligence of another, Pianko Law is here to help you. Pianko Law has served hundreds of clients and won millions in compensation.  When dealing with a catastrophe, such as a fire, you and your family should be focusing on rebuilding your life while we diligently fight for you.

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